take 2 indie review of Working Poor

WORKING POOR is a touching 24 minute film Written and Directed by Steven Bozga.  When the rent comes due and his bank account has been tapped out, a single father goes to extraordinary lengths to make a life for himself and his young daughter in his working class neighborhood.

Thaddeus Schneider is mesmerizing as the desperate father.  Caroline Whitney Smith is perfectly cast as the mom.  Performances are heartfelt and raw, including the poignant moments shared between father and daughter.

The mom (struggling to stay clean) tries to justify choosing her dream of acting – over her own daughter.  “There are plenty of women – strong actresses – who chose their career over their family or their children – or the children that they could have had – and maybe the love that I share through my craft, when I’m doing what I love, is so much more powerful than the love that I can show one child.”

The film is about surviving all of what life throws at you  – and the choices one can make in desperate times.  It’s about two parents  who love the same child so differently.  Holding onto a dream – at the cost of everything.

A beautiful story that packs an emotional punch far beyond its 24 minutes.


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