Cast (in order of appearance)

Thaddeus Schneider

Caoibhe Schneider

George Ennis

Jason Morck

Melissa Navia

Antonio Longo

Adam Zimmermann

Amy Allison

Scott Bartels

Caroline Whitney Smith

William LoCasio

Walter Hornung

Andy Eugene

David Horton

Michael Cannetti

Written and Directed by Steven Bozga

Produced by Carolyn Hepburn

Music by David Buchs

Sound Design by Bjorn Arntsen

Re Recording Engineer: Arjun G Sheth

Digital Intermediate Provided by Final Frame

Digital Intermediate Colorist: Will Cox

Digital Intermediate Online Editor: Gil Litver

Digital Intermediate Producer: Caitlin Tartaro

“Passing Thru” Written by Walker Hornung / Performed by Walker and the Brotherhood of the Grape / Into The Whip Records

“Just Like Tom Thumb Blues” (Alternate Take)” Performed by Bob Dylan / Courtesy of Columbia Records  / By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

Thank you

The Feroce Family

Michelle Giancola

Callie Gladman

Ellen Goldfader

James Hennesey

David Hepburn

Alex Kalogiannis

Michael Mazzeo

Joe Placa

The Rail

Jeff Rosen

Chris Ruzzi

Tom Schelling

Karl Shefelman

The Smith Family

Tap and Grill

Deirdre Verdolino

Special thanks

John Bozga

Chris Clements

Julie Goldman

Kathryn Hepburn

Briege McGarrity

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